The GEARSCORE™ Concept

GEARSCORE™ allows the visitor to choose the best skis and snowboards, but also to get the best prices from national and international distributors.

GEARSCORE™ allows the visitor to choose the best skis and snowboards, but also to get the best prices from national and international distributors.

  • "product editorials": the product hasn't really been tested and the publisher writes a theoretical review (usually based on the description provided by the manufacturer)
  • "consumer reviews": the products are tested by consumers, in heterogeneous conditions without methodology or guarantee of the reviewer's expertise
  • "advertising": intended to promote certain products in exchange for a payment from the brand

The aim of GEARSCORE™ is to select the reviews that are truly useful and reliable for visitors, according to the criteria described below.

This is particularly important and is the focus of the GEARSCORE™ team.

Some reviews are completely independent of brands and refuse any economic ties (e.g. PROSKILAB). These reviews are good candidates for the GEARSCORE™ platform.

Many review publishers have commercial (manufacturers paying for advertising inserts, usually in magazines) or participatory (paying a flat fee to have their product reviewed) economic ties with brands, but still maintain editorial independence. The GEARSCORE™ team pays special attention to these reviews in order to ensure their objectivity.

Other reviews are just advertising material and are paid to highlight only certain products. These reviews are not made available on the GEARSCORE™ platform.

It should be noted that GEARSCORE™ offers a new business model to review publishers allowing them to forgo brand funding and preserve their editorial independence. Their income comes from clicks in the "Where to Buy This Product" section and are therefore paid by distributors and not by brands.

GEARSCORE™ only selects reviews performed under normal operating conditions for the product.

Some so-called "reviews" are in fact only "editorial opinions" written in an office without any real testing of the product under its normal operating conditions. They are therefore not eligible to appear on the platform.

The methodology of a review ensures the reliability of the information obtained about the products evaluated. Test conditions, rating scale, technical level and testers' weight, specifications expected for each category of products tested, debriefing procedure, objective measurement of certain characteristics, etc. are all criteria taken into account when selecting a review.

GEARSCORE™ prefers comparative reviews where available. A comparative review consists of evaluating products under the same conditions (snow and terrain) by the same panel of testers. These reviews are generally compact (the number of products tested is limited), as the review methodology requires that all products in a category be evaluated by all testers within a very short space of time (usually half a day) in order to ensure sufficiently homogeneous weather conditions.

Reviewers' technical level is also an important point taken into account by GEARSCORE™ when selecting reviews for the platform.

Professional reviewers (ski and snowboard instructors, mountain guides, professional racers, etc.) often provide a highly technical point of view that results in a very precise breakdown of the behavior of the ski or snowboard.

"Expert" reviewers (enthusiasts with a good technical level and sufficient experience with the product) provide a less technical point of view but one that is closer to the end consumer.

Ultimately, professional and enthusiast reviewers provide complementary approaches that each have their own purpose. GEARSCORE™ selects reviews by favoring this complementarity.

Review results are influenced by the methodology, snow and terrain conditions, the testing team, the models tested in comparison, the scoring methods, the categories in which the product is tested, etc.

Don't worry if you notice different results from one review to another. That's normal. Read the comments carefully and make sure the product meets your expectations.