17.0 /20
Publisher NeveItalia
Review Skis 2020
Publisher's category Carvers
Brand Salomon
Model S/Force 11
Score 17.0 / 20

Testers' Ratings

The Salomon S/Force 11 surprised everyone by its maneuverability and ease of use. The French manufacturer designed it for intermediates and lower level skiers, and it is completely suited to this type of skier. It is “maneuverable and very intuitive,” Riccardo Giacomel says. A skier who is trying to improve technique, but is a bit apprehensive, and has not yet learned to carve, may appreciate how easy this ski is to use at low speed (Alex Favaro), in short turns, and also in chopped-up and heavy snow (Giovanni Manfrini). In these conditions, it is the perfect ski for beginners, so they can progress past a beginner ski without forcing its construction. In fact, the waist is fairly wide, and if you increase speed, the ski becomes a little slow in the edge transfer (Stefano Belingheri) and begins to vibrate excessively (Giordano Magri). We recommend this ski to skiers who want to buy a ski that will not prevent them from improving, but which is “very maneuverable at the speed for which it was designed.” (Giordano Magri). It is “easy to carve.” (Alex Favaro). We cannot forget that if you find the courage to go fast or go down a steep run, the ski will no longer be progressive or stable (Alex Favaro).


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