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Review : Skis
Publisher : Akena
Created : 2006
Source language : FR


PROSKILAB™ is a French alpine ski review, created in 2006. Initially, the review included a winter sports website portal ( It became independent given the specific interest of internet users for this type of content and the review’s international development.


PROSKILAB™ features a comparative methodology, which means that all the skis from a same category are reviewed by the same panel of reviewers in just half a day, thereby ensuring the same review conditions. This means the review is inevitably very compact, with a maximum of 6 to 8 skis tested per category.

To limit the number of models tested and guarantee the review’s comparative nature, PROSKILAB™ makes a first selection of the best skis on the market 2 months before the actual review, based on preliminary tests or prior reviews.

PROSKILAB™ tests the skis in snow conditions that correspond to the category reviewed. High performance skis are usually tested on hard pack, intermediary skis in mixed snow conditions, and all mountain, freeride or touring skis are tested in the powder. Sometimes, a second session is organised on the spot for the latter categories if the off-trail conditions are unsatisfactory.

Categories reviewed

PROSKILAB™ reviews different categories of trail, all mountain and freeride skis, which may change from one season to the next.


The PROSKILAB™ reviewers are professionals, ski instructors and/or mountain guides with extensive experience of reviewing equipment. They are instructed to push the skis to their limit and to dissect their behavior. The review also includes some non-professionals with a good technical level, whose role is to give a review that’s closer to the end consumer.


PROSKILAB flatly refuses all business or advertising relations with the brands so as to ensure its judgement is completely independent. Some brands have pulled out of the review, considering that the skis did not score high enough and/or that they did not have enough control over the results..

Business model

The PROSKILAB™ review is financed by the links (managed by the Gearscore B2B Services platform) clicked by users interested in a specific ski and redirected to the retailers’ website. It does not publish any adverts for the brands reviewed.

Location and date

The review is conducted in the French Alps, usually in La Clusaz in the month of March in the year preceding the sales season.

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