17.3 /20
Publisher NeveItalia
Review 2019 skis
Publisher's category Freeride
Brand Nordica
Model Enforcer 110
Score 17.3 / 20
Award Reviewers' choice - Gold medal Reviewers' choice - Gold medal

Testers' Ratings

The Nordica Enforcer 110 was confirmed as the top freeride ski for the second consecutive year, winning first place in the "Reviewers' Choice" selection for the Freeride category.

Very enjoyable and intuitive in powder, it has excellent float and a responsive design that's truly reassuring. It's also fun in jumps, performs tricks like the nose press and is great for steep downhill runs, Andrea Bergamasco enthusiastically told us. It's a ski that's always ready and manageable in all conditions, giving excellent, precise and stable rides even at high speed according to Marco Suppa, Federico Secchi and Nicola Sertorelli.

Rolando Bertolina noted that the soft tip gives it very good float, while for Alex Penengo, the Enforcer 110 is a bit stiff but nonetheless an awesome ski, always reassuring at high speed, encouraging riders to do just that little bit better and to go just that little bit further. Alex Favaro found the ski great, easy and intuitive in all turns, while Alice Gabasio concluded that it's "an exciting ski!"

The weaknesses noted by the reviewers are really small details: not very intuitive in certain contexts for Penengo, with little turn momentum for Favaro, and not easy for beginners according to Sertorelli.

The Nordica Enforcer 110, tested in size 185 cm, proved a true war machine, ready for anything, a high-performing, well-designed, intuitive and responsive ski, ideal for riders with good off-piste technical skills who know how to handle it. Recommended for men and women alike, even beginners. Ideal for skiers of any weight, great for Big Mountain Freeride competitions, Heliski, Backcountry, deep powder leaps and steep slopes.


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Manufacturer's remarks

The Enforcer 110 is the most innovative Nordica freeride ski we've ever produced. With a design based on the legendary Enforcer 100, it's the latest addition to the Enforcer family. Designed for fresh powder rides, the Enforcer 110 is as aggressive as it is fun. To keep the weight down without sacrificing fun, we designed a ski with a balsa wood core, embellished with carbon inserts and two layers of titanium. This gives greater responsiveness while dampening vibrations. Finally, to maximize agility on the moguls and rough terrain, it has a rocker tip and tail for excellent float. For an unforgettable all-mountain experience, especially on fresh powder, choose the Enforcer 110.

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