15.6 /20
Publisher NeveItalia
Review 2019 skis
Publisher's category Frontside
Brand Head
Score 15.6 / 20

Testers' Ratings

The All-Round Head model sent to us was the Supershape i.Speed, a ski that's very similar to a Giant Slalom ski, Laura Jardi told us. Thanks to the World Cup sandwich cap—Graphene technology—the ski is very stable in all medium and long turns, Riccardo Giacomel added. Manageable and simple for Stefano Belingheri, it's a great ski, even for those who want to get closer to the racing world, Alex Favaro noted. In terms of weaknesses, Andrea Odinote and Walter Nus found it a bit heavy, while for Massimiliano Novena, the tip responds poorly in turn entry. Isabel Aghilante felt that it tended to “dance” at high speed on hard pack, while Giovanni Manfrini found it went slightly askew at turn exit.

Head's Supershape i.Speed is a good GS Racecarver that performs well but doesn't excel in any area, according to Federico Casnati. It’s easy and intuitive but slightly heavy. Although not a true all-rounder, its balance and positive reviews overall earned it a place among the skis selected by the reviewers.

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Matches the profile
4 / 5
4 / 5
Edge grip
4 / 5
4 / 5
3 / 5
Tighter turns
3 / 5
Medium turns
4 / 5
Long-radius turns
3 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5


Manufacturer's remarks

There's only one first lap a day. With the new SUPERSHAPE collection, you’ll enter a new dimension of skiing. The skis feature the innovative GRAPHENE technology—a unique combination of lightness and strength that, integrated into the skis, reduces the use of common materials such as wood and fiberglass and increases the use of titanal layers, making the skis more responsive, always balanced and in absolute control, regardless of the type of terrain. This innovative material also reduces thickness at the center of the ski, allowing you to switch between the tip and tail, giving the ski perfect balance and control throughout turns.

The new MultiFlex PR plate has a smaller footprint, ensuring even more uniform flex.

The famous Diagonal technology has been applied to the PRD to ensure maximum safety.