15.2 /20
Publisher Ski Rando Magazine
Review skis 2019
Publisher's category Width 70/80
Brand Dynafit
Model Speed 76
Score 15.2 / 20

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We were surprised by the downhill performance of this Dynafit Speed 76. Launched in the “ski fitness” niche, we weren’t expecting much except on the groomers or in hard pack, and yet it really stood out, even in powder, for its smooth and versatile performance. The Speed 76 is stable even when you step up the pace, and its nose does a great job in all snow conditions. When you really push it, it’s more than happy to respond well, despite its relatively neutral and not very playful behavior. It’s a shame that it’s a bit on the heavy side for a competition style ski. At 2.2kg the pair for 167cm, we can find lighter with more width at the waist.





not very playful



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