17.6 /20
Publisher NeveItalia
Review 2019 skis
Publisher's category Slalom
Brand Atomic
Model Redster S9
Score 17.6 / 20
Award Reviewers' choice - Gold medal Reviewers' choice - Gold medal

Testers' Ratings

The Atomic Redster S9 version 2018–19 was voted the best Slalom ski for the 2019 season by our reviewers, receiving the "Reviewers' Choice" gold medal. It excels in virtually all areas and was rewarded for its turn control (excellent in both short and long turns), its instant edge grip and its momentum in turn entry.

It's a "very stable and solid ski with instant turn entry," Isabel Anghilante commented, while Giovanni Manfrini added that you're immediately at ease thanks "to the intuitive and almost automatic turn entry, with identical turn exits." "You feel it right away; it gives you immediate security," Laura Jardi concluded.

Despite being intuitive, with instant turn entry, the ski offers great "stability in turns and good transition between one turn and another," Riccardo Giacomel told us.

The ski does almost everything the rider has in mind, on every slope and even without a lot of technical skill, opening up the potential for all riders.

The ski is solid but not excessively stiff, although it's sometimes too impetuous—it needs hard pack to really get the most out of it, Isabel Anghilante reported.

The ski has a few minor weaknesses that don't really affect the Austrian technicians' excellent work: They designed a simple-but-reliable ski that "is really playful in short turns," Giovanni Manfrini told us, with "excellent slalom behavior, but still very easy to use for all carved turns," Alex Favaro added. In short, a perfect combination of technicity and simplicity.


Matches the profile
4.2 / 5
4.3 / 5
Edge grip
4.8 / 5
4.2 / 5
4.6 / 5
Tighter turns
4.8 / 5
Medium turns
4.6 / 5
Long-radius turns
3.7 / 5
4.3 / 5
4.5 / 5


Manufacturer's remarks

The new Atomic Redster S9 is our quick-turning, slalom slashing machine dripping with World Cup approved race tech. The big news is we’ve dialed up its agility and stability to the max. The secret ingredient is the new pre-stressed Servotec rod along the top of the ski. The name comes from “Servolenkung” because that’s essentially what it is—power steering! It makes steering more agile in turns, then more stable on straights. A new innovation for a new generation of Redster race and Piste performance skis.

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