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Review : Snowboards

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Review : Snowboards
Publisher : ActMedia
Created : 2016
Source language : FR

Created by Denis Bertrand in 2009, the ACT Snowboarding review is now a gold standard in the world of snowboarding in France. Usually presented in a glossy ‘collector’s’ magazine of several hundred pages, with a wealth of superb photos and masses of interesting detail, it’s become a bible for many snowboarders in France and elsewhere in Europe.

Every year, Act Snowboarding reviews around 150 snowboards in 4 categories: freeride, freestyle, freecarve and versatile. In 2018, GEARSCORE™ was given the exclusive right to publish the review on the internet in several languages.

The reviewers’ technical level is excellent. Some reviewers have even competed in the World Cup. Act Snowboarding provides an extremely in-depth analysis, and it’s the only snowboard review in the world that’s able to measure a board’s flex distribution thanks to an innovative device designed by Denis Bertrand.

The « Ace of act » award given to the best snowboards is the holy grail for brands and is frequently highlighted in their technical and marketing communication.

Dream team : Alexia, Stef Gros et Sandra Stavo-Debauge

Photos : © Sandra Stavo-Debauge